Investment Strategy

We aim to provide optimal liquidity solutions to global investors by acquiring equity shares and interests of funds.

LP stakes in Markets funds

Transfer of LP interests in a given single asset or a bulk deal.

Fund Restructurings

Provide liquidity by establishing new vehicles or new framework as fund level solutions.

Direct Secondaries

Provide liquidity by acquisitions of underlying portfolios.

GP-led Secondaries

Create for both GP and their LPs liquidity solutions with more attractive ways to exits.

Syndicated Investment

Flexible to join various investment opportunities with global co-investors.

Stapled Secondaries

LP tender offers combined with a primary commitment to a new fund.

 Company No. LL17319
 License No. FML/21/0055A
 Labuan Licensed Fund Manager

Unit Level 14 (B) & 14 (C), Main Office Tower,
Financial Park Labuan Complex,
Jalan Merdeka, 87000 Labuan, Malaysia